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AeroPilots is chartered under the

Academy of Model Aeronautics District VI

The "AeroPilots" club was started in the early 1980's as a non-profit organization by a group of R/C (radio controlled) model airplane enthusiast's as a place to swap information, ask questions, socialize over a cup of coffee, and just talk R/C airplanes. Our home base flying field is located at Lydia Buder Park in Valley Park Missouri. You are welcome to join in with us at anytime. You may fly with us as a guest one time, while supervised with a Club Member, and you hold a current AMA card

Advantages of Membership

Some of the advantages of membership are:

Dues and financial responsibilities

You can become a member of the St Louis Aeropilots by being voted in during your first meeting.

Dues for 2023 are thirty ($30) dollars per calender year. Renewals are delinquent after 12/31/18

Children less than sixteen (16) years pay a $1.00 yearly membership when accompanied by a paid adult member.

Note: You are required to have a paid to date AMA membership card to fly at Buder Park

Note: In addition a $35 permit fee is now required if you wish to fly at Buder Park made effective January 2013

Note: You must have a new updated 2023 Buder Park permit issued by GSLMA by 01/01/23 and it must be in your possession to fly. There are no exceptions to these requirements

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All information photos and email posted or delivered to the St Louis Aeropilots are considered the property of said club and organization. Such information is considered intellectual property for public use that can and will be be distributed to the officers and members of the organization without malice or intent, in order to maintain full disclosure of said information