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multi rotor

Drones, Multirotors, and Quadcopters flying in St Louis Missouri

Lydia Buder Park



Quadcopter Drone

Muli Rotor Copter


Kids and Quads, do they mix?

So, you got the coolest gift for the holidays ever!

  You got a new quad copter and if you're like me you have already opened the box, you've taken everything out, and your battery is going to be on charge for the next 45 minutes waiting for your first flight. You skipped the instructions in the box, and so did I. But, you did the responsible thing while you were waiting and came here online looking for some cool pictures, and a little guidance to help you regarding your new flying machine, the coolest gift of this year, your brand new quad copter.

  That's great, you just entered into your new world of radio control flight. But the buttons and all the technology for your new hobby didn't just start in 2015, no indeed. My dad who is 81 years old with six great grand kids, was flying his own airplane model using a wired controlled system for flying in a circle way back in 1944, and the hobby of controlling model flight started long before that back in World War One when kids got interested in airplanes that they could build at home! This is how I used to do it with my dad, and you can see how it feels in this control line video! Yes I used to get really dizzy! Control Line Flying

  There are many pilots from the old days like my dad who now fly quad copters now too! This video shows some the history of model flight from the 1930s to the 1960's that look prety "old timey" in black and white. Yes, before we all had I-phones and big screen TV's this was all the rage back in the day. History of Model Aircraft

Is flying just for boys?" NO!  Its not !

  An important first question may be right now, "Is this flying thing   for only boys?" The answer here and now is "definitely not!" I talked to my good friend "Wendy" who owns a really cool quad copter, and she flies hers all the time taking photos. Actually she's a better quadcopter pilot than I am!

  She said "Quadcopters, equipped with cameras are changing the way we see the world". Shes helping the world to see that there are no differences between people who love to fly, and there are no boundaries can be found from the air. There isn't any goal that a young woman can't accomplish in any hobby just the same as boys.

Wendy's skills at flying and taking pictures from the sky are coupled with education and safety. On the safety issue Wendy said "I took a UAV safety training course and continue to log hours flying in an effort to acquire the skills for the safest possible operation". She is very smart and talented.

I see Wendy as a role model for lots of girls, and especially for those who want to be involved in flying in the future." Girls can fly radio control, they can fly jets, and they can fly in space if they want to. Girls make great pilots!

"Girls make Great Pilots!"

Quadcopter Drone Copter Quadcopter Women fly too Muli Rotor

Safety Tips before you start to fly

  Dads like to explain all the safety tips before starting any task together. My dad got that from being in the military. He explained that it makes the activity a lot more fun in the long run if you understand the rules first. Remember these good rules below!

Quadcopter Drone Muli Rotor Copter Quadcopter

First Flight: CRASH "Oh No!"

  But, today is about you and your quad copter. What should I know before takeoff? Are there really rules to follow? Will I get in trouble if I don't follow them? What's the difference between this multi-rotor copter I have here, and what I've seen on TV that they call drones? Do I really have to register my little flying toy I got for fun with the government? We will address all these questions for you and more as we go on.

  My first piece of sage advice for you this morning may not be quite what you expected. You need to be very gentle with the controls and very patient with learning how they operate. Your first instinct may be, I've plugged it in, charged the battery, and it's now sitting on the kitchen table ready to fly into space! You're about to give it full throttle just like you would in any other kind of video game, right?

Guess What? You are only three seconds away from your first radio control crash!

  First your quad hit the kitchen ceiling and is now it's on the floor and the dog is trying to run away with it in his mouth. People are yelling, and the video your parents were taking with their phone is hilarious! In reality, your propellers might be broken, and your fun may be over for the day. Remember this in your brain as an important thing to do after a crash; Pull the throttle stick back to the starting position, and make it go back down to zero. If not, you may burn up the motors that are still trying to turn while it's stuck in the carpet. The flight battery can overheat that way, hurting your quad permanently. Good early thing to know! You crash = " Motor Off !"

  Just like when you were taking to your first flute or piano lesson you had to learn one note at a time, and where to put your fingers and how to care for the instrument. Your quad copter is no different today. You really have to take time to learn how to fly, just like you had to learn to slow down around the curves when you first got to play Mario Cart on your Nintendo video game. In this game you try not to crash!

  Even though I started in the flying hobby in 1962 and first did radio control in 1968, I still crash. Oh Yes I do! Sometimes I crash once a week! I blame the whole thing on gravity... and that Isaac Newton guy. Over time I've learned how and why things fly and work together, and I got pretty good at rebuilding what I brake. You will too.

Quadcopter Drone Muli Rotor Copter Quadcopter

Second official Flight : "A little better!"

Trim Contols   So here's what you really do provided your quadcopter is small enough for indoor flight. The "throttle", the stick on the left that makes it go fast or slow has to be brought up easy and slow. What you're looking for is getting the copter about two inches off the table, that's all. That's your first goal. The throttle stick will only go up 1/4 of the way... for now. You will notice right away that it wants to fly to the left or the right on its own, or it's trying to spin one way or the other. Throttle back down until its resting back on the table, and now use the "trim controls" to correct it. If it went to the left, "trim it" to the right. You may have to go back and dig the instructions out of the trash now, but those little trim controls they explain in the book are the key to level flight You're going to have to do this "two inch off the ground trim test" at least four more times before it starts to fly level all the time for you.

  Now, put on some warm clothes and take your copter outside provided there is a only a light breeze. You don't want your first flights to hit your dad's new flat screen TV or smack into your aunt Rose's mashed potatoes. You will find quickly that everything in the house is an obstacle that will be hit eventually including the ceiling fan that just isn't high enough for the trick you wanted to do.

  While your outside I know you still want to see how fast and how high you can fly, but first find a nice clear level spot and leave the dog inside for now! On this flight you may have to re-trim a little again, (yes again) a few times more just to get it off the ground, then you can gently give it more throttle about 1/2 to 3/4 power. Now then you're up in the air ! Now quickly, reduce your power to make it stand still about four feet off the ground. Otherwise it can keep flying "up up and away" literally!

  Your copter can fly higher and farther than you can see it. (Trust me!) And you don't want it landing in a tree or the roof or in the middle of a busy street. You own a real rootin tootin flyin' machine as my grandpa might say, and you're just getting started and your having fun. After a five minutes of flying your batteries will die, but keep charging and keep practicing! A trip to your local hobby shop may be able to provide you with extra batteries, depending on the size and type of copter you've gotten. If its charged by a USB cable to your computer, you'll just have to wait between flights before it charges again. I know you want to go fast, and learn fast, but remember you didn't learn to play your first song on your school instrument until second semester, and it was only, "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"

You're smart, and you'll be flying in no time. Think about the cool school report you're going to write about all your experiences!

Quadcopter Drone Muli Rotor Copter Quadcopter

Third official Flight : "At The Park!"

  Now is the time to ask your grandparents about an old TV show called "The Flying Nun" Yes a sweet young lady would tip her large nuns' hat, and she could fly across town and save the day every single week on TV. Was this a true miracle?

  This is what I learned from that show when I was very young so memorize this next part to sound smart and use this in your report: She said " When lift plus thrust, is greater than load plus drag, well anything can fly!" Even a nun with a large hat evidently!

  Provided there is only a slight breeze and it's not snowing, it's time to take your quad to the park, a school playground or even a designated flying field in your area. Now here is where the rules we have in place really come in. Just like eating at home, your mom has rules for dinner so when you go out in public you don't embarrass the family name. When you're out in public flying, the rules really kick in here too!

 All these rules apply to me too, and I'm an adult on most days! If we all obey some simple rules... then we don't wind up on TV being a bad example for our family, or for all the other kids and adults that want to have the same fun of doing this too.

Quadcopter Drone Muli Rotor Copter Quadcopter

So what's the difference?

Quad multi rotor

  What you have on your table right now is really not a toy at all, but now you own a pretty cool quadcopter but there are responsibilities that go with it. Yours may have a camera on it. Some copters shoot like a water pistol does or drop soap bubbles for fun. Some models have a hook and a crane for picking things up. One has a parachute for soft landings! All of those multi-rotor copters are for your enjoyment and entertainment.


  Drones are actually very large important aircraft used by the military most with very high tech cameras and sometimes they do have weapons. The word "Drone" is misused over and over today. When you say the word drone people lump it all together like chocolate chips that goes with cookie dough, but saying your quad is a drone, is like saying you like eating broccoli cookies! It's just not right, they are two very different things and they should stay separate things! Actually for now, don't worry too much about what they call them, so long that you are operating yours safely with the rules we talked about, and you're telling your friends how much fun this is to own a fly your cool quadcopter.

Summing it up, Quadcopters are made to fly with friends. Drones are meant for enemies. I can tell you're the friendly type!

Quadcopter Drone Muli Rotor Copter Quadcopter

Do I have to register my new copter?

  There is much talk in high places in government on whether or not you will have to go online and register your copter, or go take a test and get a licence, or if your aircraft will need a special code number printed on it with your name. Will any of this really come true? At the time of this writing in December of 2015 the answer is... maybe If your aircraft weighs over eight ounces, or if a grown up wants to use the copter for a business, you just might. The people like me who belong to local clubs that are affiliated with a big national organization called the Academy of Model Aeronautics have representatives working for us everyday in Congress to come to a reasonable solution that works for everyone. You're safe to fly right now, as long as you're obeying the current rules we talked about above. If they do change, there will be plenty of time to comply with the new rules, and they should be easy to follow and for everyone to understand. So no worries.

FAA Registration is required of all aircraft meeting the weight requirements as of January 1st 2016

  Your goal from here on is to learn while having fun, while respecting other people. You may find this is part of what you want to do when you get older too. I'm lucky enough to have a job in radio control hobby that I've loved since I was just a kid like you! Where will your flying take you?

Quadcopter Drone Muli Rotor Copter Quadcopter

we fly quad

Look for our own quadcopter pilots when you visit   Buder Park   in St Louis Missouri that are members of the   St Louis AeroPilots   Come watch us fly our radio control planes and quadcopters, and ask us questions about our hobby. We are happy to help you!

We do have a .pdf file for you to download for flying your Drones and Quadcopters using FPV equipment that can now be downloaded here

First Person View Rules of Buder Park

"Craigy" "Richie" "Wendy" "Movie 1" "Movie 2"
quad quad quad

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